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February 2019:New cell sorter to the MRI flow cytometry facility at IGH
MRI cytometry facility at IGH is equipped with an easy-to-use cell sorter: BD FACS Melody. After training, you may use the sorter on your own. Our sorter works with 2 lasers lines-6 colors and 1 or 2 sorting ways for the sorting in a plate or in tubes, respectively. It is hihghly recommended to add antibiotics in your cell collection medium according to the environmental conditions

Feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

February 2019:Photo Exposition Plant Anatomy in CIRAD
Life is nice and Marc Lartaud, engineer in the Plant Histology and Imaging facility (PHIV and MRI-PHIV-LaValette), invites you to verify it through a very nice photo exposition organised from the 14th of january to the 15th of march in the agronomic library building B on the CIRAD Campus

Congratulations to Marc for all these very nice pictures

January 2019:Welcome to Leslie BANCEL-VALLEE
Leslie have joined in CDD the MRI-CRBM facility as engineer in microscopy. She obtained in 2016 her Master 2 diploma in imaging applied to biology from University of Rouen. She has worked for 2 years in the BIC facility in Bordeaux, particularly in plant biology. All the Leslie contact informations are in our directory.

Leslie, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!

Decembre 2018:Welcome to Stéphanie VIALA
We are pleased to announce that Stéphanie Viala joins MRI as IE CNRS in flow cytometry. She's working on the MRI-IGMM facility under the responsability of Myriam Boyer-Clavel. She obtained her position thanks to EPR 2018 concours. Thanks to the BioCampus and IGMM directors to have made this recruitment possible. All the Stéphanie contact informations are in our directory.

Stéphanie, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!

November 2018:New videomicroscope-Optogenetics to the MRI facility at CRBM
Its name is : 'Optogenetics'. It is an inverted wide field microscope, with a 6 LED illumination. The camera is a sCMOs one, with a large field of view, small pixel size and high quantum efficiency (95%).

The microscope is based on a Nikon body, with a temperature and CO2 control system. The specificity of this system is the optogenetics module, which is a DMD module (micromirrors) with 6 LEDs, to rapidly activate localy the selected zones by light.

Feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 2018:MRI at AFC
Myriam Boyer-Clavel and Naoill Abdellaoui, MRI engineers, have participated to the Congress of Cytometry French Association in Lyon from the 17th to 19th of october.

October 2018:MRI at Mifobio
Six MRI engineers have participated to the CNRS school Mifobio at Seignosse from the 5th to the 12th of october. Sylvain de Rossi, Volker Baecker and Orestis Faklaris have shared their experience and their expertise during workshop they proposed. That's the Mifobio spirit!

August 2018:Welcome to Orestis FAKLARIS
We are pleased to announce the coming of Orestis FAKLARIS, CNRS engineer of research , as the new technical manager of the MRI-CRBM facility. He left the ImagoSeine facility in Jacques Monod Institut in Paris to join us the 1rst of august. Thanks to the directors of BioCampus, CRBM, IGMM and IRIM who have made this mobility possible. All the Orestis contact informations are in our directory.

Orestis, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!

April 2018:MRI Imaging Day

The imaging facility of Montpellier, MRI, organizes an imaging day dedicated to the newest technologies that the facility offers. This one day meeting will take place on Friday 13th April at Genopolys. Please, find the provisional programme below.
Download programme
You are invited to register on the following page :
MRI Imaging Day Registration