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July 2020 : Permanent closure of the MRI-DSBS cytometry facility
MRI decided to close the flow cytometry MRI-DSBS physically located in the LPHI UMR after discussion with the different people concerned. For those familiar with the CANTO cytometer, we remind you that you have access to this same type of equipment at the MRI-IGMM and MRI-IRMB cytometry facilities. Please, do not hesitate to contact these facilities. We warmly thank Yann Bordat for his investment in MRI platform, it is with regret that we see him starting new adventures. We wish him success and fulfillment.


June 2020 : Restart training for autonomies
The MRI facilities restart the training to acquire autonomy on instruments. The training will be individual and wearing a mask. The trainer and the trainee should respect the distance of 1 meter as much as possible. Please contact the MRI engineers to fix a training date.

Most of the MRI facilities are allowed to welcome external users according to specific rules of the campus, please feel free to contact the engineers.


May 2020 : De-Containment measures - Gradual re-opening of the MRI facilities
the MRI facility prepares for the gradual re-start of activity. For that, 1) all the facilities will be closed at least from 8th to 12th of may inclusive (with some exceptions).The goal is to have 3 days without source of potential contamination and at least 2 days of preparation for the reopening of the facilities (cleaning, organization of space, display of instructions, implementation of sanitary solutions, control of equipment, etc.. .) 2) each facility will announce its opening by e-mail on the mri-users list. (flow cytometer in MRI-DBS facility out of order) 3) the wearing of the mask is mandatory ("general public" mask-reusable and washable cloth or surgical masks): the masks will not be supplied by MRI. 4) the sanitary instructions will be sent by e-mail and displayed on the facilities as soon as they are validated by the DUs. 5) 1 single AUTONOMOUS user per equipment and per room or according to the rule of 1 person/10m2 if 2 meters of distance between 2 equipments. MANDATORY reservations and under moderation as soon as there are several equipments in the room. 6) the external users will be welcomed according to specific rules per local facility (have a look in the e-mail send by the engineers in charge of the MRI facilities) 7) no training will be provided for the first 3 weeks (MRI-IRCM: no training before september).

For any question, Please contact the engineer in charge of your local MRI facility


April 2020 : Frédérique Vidal in Montpellier - visit of the MRI-IGH facility

The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation came to Montpellier to visit some research teams involved in the development of new COVID19 screening methods. This trip was an opportunity to visit the MRI microscopy facility of the IGH in the presence of Marie-Pierre Blanchard and Monsef Benkirane.


March 2020 :Containment measures - MRI facilities are closed
Following the directives of our admiinstration, the engineers of the MRI facilites are all teleworking or absent from today until the new instructions. Some decisions have been made at MRI team: 1) We have for the moment canceled all reservations in the next weeks. 2) access to the platforms is forbidden for users outside the site 3) internally, the facilities can only be used -for experiments authorized by local Director AND only for experiments which concern "research on the COVID19 epidemic or comparable epidemics, or when the interruption of manipulations would lead to the loss of essential scientific studies, sensitive or particularly complex or cumbersome to reorganize". AND only by autonomous and experienced users. In which case, you will need to respect the rules send on the mri-users@ email list. As you can see, the use of MRI facilities must remain exceptional. Good luck to all in this unprecedented period.

For any question, Please contact the engineer in charge of your local MRI facility


February 2020 :A new Leica Thunder Microscope at University of Montpellier
We are pleased to announce that a new widefield microscope has been installed to the MRI facility at University (building 24, MRI-DBS). This microscope is equiped with two cameras for fluorescence imaging (DAPI to Cy5) and for color and histological experiments. The motorization allows multidimentional aquisition : Zstacks, tile scan and multipositions easy to realize with the Navigator module. The main quality of this microscope is the improvement of image quality in real time by removing the out of focus blur with a new method « Computational Clearing ». He keeps the benefits from of speed and sentitivity of widefield systems and gives a gain of quality and resolution. Raw data are saved for verification. This microscope is perfect for thick, thin and photosensitive samples.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


February 2020 :Welcome to Laëtitia HUDECEK
Laëtitia have joined in CDD the MRI-INM facility as engineer in microscopy. She obtained in 2017 her Master degree in "Phsyique et ingénierie du vivant" from University of Montpellier. She has worked for 2 years in the imaging facility in Marseille. All the Laëtita contact informations are in our directory.

Laëtitia, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!


January 2020 : Formations permanentes
MRI organizes a new BioCampus workshop : the 29th and 30th of january 2020: Interfacing Image analysis worklows with OMERO

All the informations are on the Biocampus website


Décembre 2019 : Congratulations to Benoît Bordignon
Benoît Bordignon is the winner of the CNRS 2019 research engineer concours to take responsibility of the MRI screening facility. He officially starts on December 1st, 2019. He stays with us!

Congratulations to Benoît!


November 2019 : Formations permanentes
MRI organizes a new BioCampus workshop : from the 20th to 22th of november: Imagerie avancée : Super-résolution en microscopie photonique

All the informations are on the Biocampus website


September 2019 : Chamroeun Sar, the new facility manager to MRI-INM
Chamroeun Sar engineer working to the INM takes the responsability of the MRI-INM facility on September 1st, 2019. It is in preparation for the departure at the end of the year of the current head Hassan Boukhaddaoui


September 2019 : 2 new LSM880 Fast Airyscan to MRI
Two new Zeiss confocal microscopes LSM880 Fast Airyscan are installed and accessible to the MRI-DBS facility located at the University of Montpellier (building 24) and to the MRI-INM facility located in the INM builging on the St-Eloi Campus

Feel free to contact the engineers to test these microscopes and to be trained on it


June 2019 : Patrick Lemaire, new MRI scientific director
After 8 years in the scientific management of the MRI platform, Edouard Bertrand wanted to leave his place. Patrick Lemaire, CNRS Research Director at CRBM, accepted this new responsibility. His candidacy was validated by the steering committee of MRI, the directors of BioCampus and by the general assembly of staff working on the MRI facilities. Welcome to Patrick!

On behalf of the MRI staff, we warmly thank Edouard Bertrand for his involvement, his imagination, his solutions and his support on the MRI facility. It had an incredible impact on the structuring and development of the platform, serving the Montpellier scientific community.