Montpellier Ressources Imagerie (MRI)

Regional Imaging Platform
Technology Platform, IBiSA labelled
Member of France-BioImaging and Euro-BioImaging

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Welcome to Orestis FAKLARIS
We are pleased to announce the coming of Orestis FAKLARIS, CNRS engineer of research , as the new technical manager of the MRI-CRBM facility. He left the ImagoSeine facility in Jacques Monod Institut in Paris to join us the 1rst of august. Thanks to the directors of BioCampus, CRBM, IGMM and IRIM who have made this mobility possible. All the Orestis contact informations are in our directory.

Orestis, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!

MRI Imaging Day

The imaging facility of Montpellier, MRI, organizes an imaging day dedicated to the newest technologies that the facility offers. This one day meeting will take place on Friday 13th April at Genopolys. Please, find the provisional programme below.
Download programme
You are invited to register on the following page :
MRI Imaging Day Registration