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Regional Imaging Platform
Technology Platform, IBiSA labelled
Member of France-BioImaging and Euro-BioImaging

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February 2021 : Welcome to Cécile DEJOU
Cécile obtained an INSERM permanent position to be the manager of the MRI-IRCM flow cytometry facility. She arrived the 1rst of februray and you can contact her very soon for all questions relative to her facility. This INSERM position was obtained by the IRCM institute and the support of Biocampus director. Thank you to all of you!

Cécile, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!


December 2020 : Welcome to Stéphane LABORIE
Stéphane obtained a CNRS permanent position in the MRI IT service. It is with pleasure that we see him back after almost 5 years of absence. This time, for sure, he stays. This CNRS position was obtained thanks to BioCampus and the support of many unit directors. Thank you to all of you!

Stéphane, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!


November 2020 : Welcome to Khady MANGANE
Khady joins MRI on a fixed-term contract to take over the slide scanner activity. She is involved in a project developed between the Monptellier DNA Combing (MDC, BioCampus facility), MRI and the company Innopsys from Carbone. This project is funded by the PRRI regional call for projects. She will also work part-time at the INM to take care of the 2 slide scanners Nanozoomer and Axioscan.

Khady, Welcome among the MRI engineers staff!


Novembre 2020 : 2 BioCampus-MRI workshops cancelled
The workshops "L'apprentissage automatique (machine learning) appliqué à l'analyse d'images biologiques" and "Les bases du logiciel FlowJo" are cancelled due to current sanitary conditions.


September 2020 : Restart of BioCampus-MRI Workshops
The training organised by MRI are scheduled as soon as end of september. The new dates are

28th of september-1rst of october: Microscopie à épi-fluorescence et microscopie confocale: de la base à la pratique

12-14th of october: Les bases du logiciel ImageJ

19th of november: Les bases du logiciel FlowJo

24-27th of november: L'apprentissage automatique (machine learning) appliqué à l'analyse d'images biologiques

All the informations are on the Biocampus website


July 2020 : Permanent closure of the MRI-DSBS cytometry facility
MRI decided to close the flow cytometry MRI-DSBS physically located in the LPHI UMR after discussion with the different people concerned. For those familiar with the CANTO cytometer, we remind you that you have access to this same type of equipment at the MRI-IGMM and MRI-IRMB cytometry facilities. Please, do not hesitate to contact these facilities. We warmly thank Yann Bordat for his investment in MRI platform, it is with regret that we see him starting new adventures. We wish him success and fulfillment.


June 2020 : Restart training for autonomies
The MRI facilities restart the training to acquire autonomy on instruments. The training will be individual and wearing a mask. The trainer and the trainee should respect the distance of 1 meter as much as possible. Please contact the MRI engineers to fix a training date.

Most of the MRI facilities are allowed to welcome external users according to specific rules of the campus, please feel free to contact the engineers.