Data analysis service

Image and data analysis are an important part of imaging based research projects. MRI provides consulting, training and the hard- and software infrastructure needed for the analysis of imaging data. We also develop customized image analysis plugins for you.

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The facility provides access to
proprietary analysis software, open source software and tools developed in house. We also provide access to deep-learning solutions including the training on your own data on our machines.

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Our scientific workstations provide the hardware needed to run visualization and analysis software, including deep-learning solutions. You can make a reservation for a workstation here.

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 questionnaire lineTRAINING AND CONSULTING

Please contact the facility for training and consulting. The facility also provides freely accessible "Call for help" sessions. We regularly develop and animate image analysis related workshops within the context of the technological workshops of BioCampus Montpellier.

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Examples of successful MRI analysis projects.

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 Data can be transferred between the sites of the facility via sFTP. For the scientific exploitation of the data the facility hosts a server OMERO.


Useful links to tutorials and other image analysis resources.


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