Contact : Benoît Bordignon

Project: co-financed under the Operational Program FEDER-FSE 2014-2020 Languedoc Roussillon


Technical manager
Screening /
Statistics /
Image analysis
MGC Manager


Pipeting robot:

Plates reader:


  • Cell dispenser
Fast liquid pipeting system, used for cell seeding (under sterile laminar flow hood).

Manual pipetting system:

Distributeur Manuel
Manual pipetting system for 96 wells at once (volume : 10 - 100 µl).

SpeedVac for multiwell plates:

Speed Vac
Speedvac for 2 plates.

Technology & expertise

  • High Content Screening

  • Our services

    Our screening service allows production of in vitro and in vivo screens for models compatible with 96/384 well plates. Our robotic equipment allows repetitive jobs to be performed in a repeatable and robust way, any project requiring automation can benefit from robotization of all or some of its steps. We are able to realize two types of screens, « high-throughput screening » (HTS) and « high-content screening » (HCS) depending on models, targets and desired parameters.

    We propose to accompany the project leaders in each step of a screen. First, we help to optimize a fonctional test protocole, in 96-well plate format, on the projet targets. Secondly, we transfer a manuel protocol to robot (automation), we carry out a series of preliminary tests with spécific controls (positive and negative) to evaluate robustness and reproducibility of the automated protocol. In parallel, we optimize acquisition and analysis methods adapted to sreen parameters. Finally, we perform the complete screening and proceed to a statistical analyzes of the results allowing "Hits" identification.


    High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

    For a HTS-type screen, we use the TECAN FreedomEVO 200 platform. It contains two pipetting arms with 8- and 96-channels, a 96/384 wells plate washer, a carousel and a high capacity CO2 incubator, as well as a multimode microplate reader up to 1536 wells format. This platform allows the realization of fully automated HTS screens, from preparation of samples to the final reading of plates, through various treatments and incubations.

    High Content Screening (HCS)

    For a HCS-type screen, we also use the TECAN FreedomEVO 200 platform for automated sample preparation. We then use the ThermoScientific Cellomics (ArrayScan) for the HCS. It is an instrument dedicated to acquisition, measurement and multiparametric analysis of cellular content for a large number of samples. It contains an automated microscope (Carl Zeiss) for the analysis of fixed or living samples in 96-well (and 384) plate formats. It offers very wide analytical possibilities adapted to various fields (immunostaining, cytotoxicity, pharmaco-kinetics, oncology, cell biology, etc.).


    Terms of Access

    Contact us for any information on screening, for a quotation or for implementation of a collaborative project.

    Indicative prices ranges (decreasing depending on volume):

          - HTS screening of Chimical Library like Prestwick, 1280pts: € 3,000 - € 5,000
          - HCS screening with Immunolabelling (IF) and Imaging,1280pts : € 4,000 - € 7,000
          - HCS screening for siRNA library, 2300pts: € 5,000
          - Low-throughput
    assay as IC50 (5 drugs; n=3): € 2,000 - € 3,000


    Our banks

    ORFEOME via MGC Platform



    siRNA Humans Libraries: Kinesins/Myosins/Dyneins; Membrane Trafficking; Rho GEFs



    Crispr Cas9: Sanger Human whole genome Crispr libraries, lentiviral and glycerol stock



    Essential Compound Library, a representative sample of the French National Chemical Library (CNE : 1000 compounds)



    Anti-cancer Compound Library (4730 compounds) TargetMol

    site web :


    Prestwick Chemical Library, update 2019 (1520 compounds)



    Lopac 1280 Pharmacologically Active Compounds Library




    How to find us?

    CRBM UMR5237

    Rez-de-chaussée porte 141,
    1919 route de Mende
    34293 Montpellier Cedex 05

    Téléphone : +33 4 34 35 95 18

    GPS : Latitude = 43.63767 ; Longitude = 3.86544