Data Management


Images can be transferred between the different sites of the imaging facility using our sftp-service. The transfer can be done offline, i.e. without keeping a session open on one of our workstations.

MRI hosts its own instance of the OMERO image database. You can centralize and manage the images you are actively working with using OMERO. You can also use the module OMERO.figure to create the figures for your publications directly from your image data in OMERO.


The digital image has revolutionized the world in a very short period. Practically, all current microscopes provide images in a digital format. Digitalized images provide a great number of key advantages for scientists, from which the most important are:

  • The integrity of data over time.
  • The ability to store, not only the raw data, but all the metadata in close and unequivocal association.

These two features are key for scientific reproducibility. On top of the digital image format, the advent of the web has, yet again, changed the game of how data is accessed.

In order to develop the full potential of the digital image MRI has put in place a dedicated OMERO solution to manage microscopy data.

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