A number of image processing and analysis software packages are available on our analysis computers. Please contact us if you need help with on of the software packages.

Symphotime (PicoQuant)

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Correlation Software

  • Powerful 64bit TTTR data acquisition and analysis software
  • Point, 2D, and 3D data acquisition with online preview of FLIM, FCS, time-traces, or TCSPC histograms
  • FCS, FCCS, FLCS, PIE-FCS, coincidence correlation, total correlation
  • Fluorescence time trace analysis, single molecule burst analysis
  • Anisotropy
  • TCSPC lifetime fitting with advanced error treatment
  • User programming script language "STUPSLANG"

See symphotime-64-fluorescence-lifetime-imaging-and-correlation-software

Volocity (Quorum)

Moving seamlessly among restoration, visualization and quantitation, Volocity software is designed for true 3D analysis of fluorescence images. View your cells from every angle. Measure shapes, volumes and distances. Relate cellular structure to function with exceptional precision and speed. Compare samples and identify trends. Produce publication-ready tables and charts. Take your image analysis to a new dimension with true 3D image analysis.