CELIGO-cytometer imaging system

Partner lab price : 21.78 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 59.44 €/hour
Brief description:
The celigo is a benchtop microwell plate based, brightfield and fluorescence system.the system provide high speed fully automated imaging and quantification of cells and spheroids.Propriatery optics enable imaging from the center to the edge of the wells by a constant illumination.
1-LED for brightfield
3-LED for fluorescence
blue filter (ex377/50 em470/20) :Dapi/hoechst
green filter (ex483/32 em536/40) :fitc,gfp,AF488
red filter(ex531/40 em629/53) RPE,PI ,Texas red, AF568
-lentille F-theta
galvanometric mirrors
CCD camera (2024x2024)
1.24.8 µM/pixel
L2 lab