Cytoflex LX Beckman Coulter

Partner lab price : €/hour Public and private lab price: €/hour
Brief description:
Flow cytometer
3 lasers
21 fluorescent channels
plate loader 96 wells (flat, U, V) and deep well
Ultra-violet Laser 355nm
Filter1 (405/30):UV405
Filter2 (525/40):UV525
Filter3 (675/30):UV675

Violet Laser 405nm
Filter4 (450/45):V450-PB
Filter5 (525/40):V525-KrO, BV510, Amcyan
Filter6 (610/20):V610, BV605
Filter7 (6¬¬60/10):V660, BV650
Filter8 (763/43):V763, BV785

Blue Laser 488nm
Filter9 (525/40):B525, FITC
Filter10 (610/20):B610, ECD, PI
Filter11 (690/50):B690, PC5.5
Yellow Laser 561nm
Filter12 (585/42):Y785, PE
Filter13 (610/20):Y610, mCherry, ECD
Filter14 (675/30):Y675, PC5, 7AAD
Filter15 (710/50):Y710, PC5.5
Filter16 (763/43):Y763, PC7

Red Laser 638nm
Filter17 (660/10):R660, APC
Filter18 (712/25):R712, APCA700
Filter19 (763/43):R763, APCA750

Infra Red Laser 808nm
Filter20 (840/20):IR840, AF790
Filter21 (885/40):IR885, Viakrome808
plate loader