Droit Zeiss Z1 / Apotome

Partner lab price : 15.66 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 55.41 €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 2D imaging
  • 3D imaging

  • Brief description:
    straight widefield epifluorescence microscope for 2D or 3D acquisition dedicated to fixed or alive samples between slide and coverslip

    1 B&W camera and 1 color camera

    Fluorescence, Brightfield, DIC


    Software : Zen by Zeiss
    Objectives :
    - 10X/0.45 Plan-Apo
    - 20X/0.8 Plan-Apo
    - 40X/1.3 Plan-Apo Oil
    - 63X/1.4 Plan-Apo Oil
    - 100X/1.4 Plan-Apo Oil

    Filter cubes :
    - DAPI ex G365, FT395, em BP445/50
    - FITC ex BP475/40, FT500, em BP530/50
    - CY3 / DsRed ex BP545/25, FT570, em BP605/70
    - Texas Red ex BP560/40, FT585, em BP630/75
    - Cy5 ex BP640/30, FT660, em BP690/50
    Detectors :
    - 1 B&W Camera (Zeiss Mrm)
    pxl = 6.45µm, field = 1388x1040pxl
    - 1 color camera (Zeiss ICc)

    Apotome module to realise pseudoconfocal images (dedicated to fixed samples)

    Z motorized microscope : 3D stacks and multichannel

    L1 containment