Leica Thunder

Tarif établissement partenaire: 15.66 €/heure
Tarif établissement public et privé : 55.41 €/heure
Technologies associées :
  • Imagerie 2D
  • Imagerie 3D

  • Brève description :
    Epifluorescence upright microscope
    motorized stage in XYZ
    DIC and Phase equiped
    quality and resolution improvement with Leica THUNDER software technology
    suitable for thick and photosensitive samples
    1.25X/0.04 HC PL Fluotar (Working Distance=3.7mm)
    10X/0.32 HC PL Fluotar (WD=11.13mm)
    20X/0.55 HC PL Fluotar (WD=1.2mm)
    40X/1.3 Oil HC PL APO DIC (WD=0.22mm)
    63X/1.4 Oil HC PL APO DIC (WD=0.14mm)
    100X/1.4 Oil HC PL APO DIC Ph (WD=0.09mm)
    Illumination source LED for Transmission and Fluo (SOLA)

    filter cubes :
    DAPI Ex360/40, FT400, Em470/40
    GFP Ex470/40, FT495, Em525/50
    RHOD Ex546/10, FT560, Em585/40
    TxRed Ex560/40, FT585, Em630/75
    Cy5 Ex620/60, FT660, Em700/75
    Color camera for histology :
    CMOS 3.1MP (2048x1536, pixel size = 3.2µm)

    B&W camera for fluorescence :
    K8 sCMOS 4.2MP (2048x2048, pixel size = 6.5µm)

    software : LAS X
    Multidimentional acquisition : 2D, 3D+time multicolor
    Navigator Module for fast and easy mosaic, multiposition and focus correction

    quality and resolution improvement in real time or post processing with Leica THUNDER technology :
    - Instant Computational Clearing (ICC in 2D) = real time identification of out of focus signal, debluring
    - Large Volume Computational Clearing (LVCC in 3D) = ICC + adaptative deconvolution

    preserve raw data, quantifiable, adapted for thick and photosensitive samples