Inverted Zeiss AxioObserver

Partner lab price : 5.36 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 22.32 €/hour

Brief description:
Inverted widefield epifluorescence microscope

B&W camera AxioCam 503 Mono

CO2 and temperature control

Software : Zen by Zeiss
Objectives :
Zeiss 2.5X/0.075 EC-Plan-Neofluar
Zeiss 10X/0.25 A-Plan Ph1
Zeiss 20X/0.4 Plan Neofluar bague Korr
Zeiss 40X/1.3 Plan-Neofluar oil
Zeiss 63X/1.4 PL-APO oil
Zeiss 100X/1.4 Ph3 Plan Apo oil
Fluorescence filters cubes :
- DAPI ex G365, FT395, em BP445/50
- GFP ex BP475/40, FT500, em BP530/50
- RFP ex BP565/30, FT585, em BP620/60
- Rhodamine ex BP546/12, FT580, LP590
B&W camera AxioCam 503 Mono
pixel = 4.54µm, 1936 (H) x 1460 (W)
Shutter uniblitz for ultra rapid images in BF

XYZ Motorized microscope : 3D Stacks, Timelapse, Mosaique, Multichannels

Ideal operating temperature between 19 and 26°C

L2 Containment