Upright 2 Zeiss Apotome

Partner lab price : 15.66 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 55.41 €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 2D imaging
  • 3D imaging

  • Brief description:
    Upright widefield epifluorescence microscope ideal for 2D or 3D acquisitions followed by deconvolution, for fixed samples between slide and coverslip.

    Fluorescence and brightfield/darkfield
    Differential interference contrast (DIC)
    Multi-dimensional acquisition

    Acquisition software: ZEN Blue 3.2
    5X EC Plan Neofluar 0.15 NA
    10X EC Plan Neofluar 0.3 NA
    20X Plan Apochromat 0.8 NA
    40X EC Plan Neofluar 1.3 NA oil
    63X Plan Apochromat 1.4 NA oil
    100X alpha Plan Apochromat 1.46 NA oil
    Camera: Hamamastu Orca flash 4.0 - B&W, 16-bits, 2048x2048 pixels, pixel size @6.5 µm
    - - -
    Excitation source: HXP120V Lamp

    - - -
    Filter cubes:
    Texas Red
    - - -
    Type of acquisition:
    Automated on a slide: XYZ, multichannel, mosaic
    Customizable protocol
    Mouse spine - MRI 2007 Image Contest 2nd prize
    Transverse section of mouse spine at P0 stage, with spinal cord in the center and dorsal root ganglia on either side: Ret (Magenta), NF200 (Cyan).
    Steve Bourane, Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM), Montpellier