Leica LMD7000

Partner lab price : 21.78 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 59.44 €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • Laser microdissection

  • Brief description:
    Widefield microscope Leica DM6000B
    337 nm UV laser for cutting samples
    Sample recovery by gravity caps PCR tubes or Petri dish
    Smart move to the motorized stage in XYZ
    Objectives :
    1.25X Plan Fluotar 0.04 NA
    5X UVI Microdissection 0.12 NA
    10X Plan Fluotar 0.3 NA
    20X Plan Fluotar 0.4 NA
    40X Plan Fluotar 0.6 NA
    63X Plan Fluotar 0.7 NA
    150X Plan Fluotar 0.9 NA
    Excitation Source:
    mercury metal halide

    Filter cubes:
    TXR ET
    Leica DFC310 FX camera
    (1392x1040 pixels, 6.45µm pixel size)
    Acquisition mode:
    Collecting samples
    scan slide