Scanner Zeiss AxioScan

Partner lab price : 17.47 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 82.24 €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 2D imaging

  • Brief description:
    High Throughput Imaging dedicated to immunostaining (color) or immunofluorescence for histology. Automatic loading of slides. Essential system for toxicity studies and high content screening. Storage virtualization after staining and immunostaining.
    Objectifs :
    colored camera : Hitachi 3CCD
    black and white camera: Hamamatsu orca flash
    Illuminationsource for fluorescence:
    colibri2 led (405nm, 488nm;, 555nm, 639nm)
    Filter cubes:
    eGFP, Dapi, CY3, CY5
    Acquisition mode
    automatic acquisition (100 slides)
    immuno- and immuno-fluorescence histology