Droit Zeiss 880 Laser Coherent Chameleon Ultra II

Partner lab price : 37.04 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 101.89 €/hour

Brief description:
Multiphoton microscope
coupled to a vibratome
for imaging 3D
Drive by Zen (Zeiss)
Objectives :
10X Plan Apo 0.45 NA
20X Plan Apo 1.0 NA imm
40X LD C-Apo 1.1NA W
40X Plan Apo 1.4 NA oil
63X Plan Apo 1.4 NA oil
Excitation Source :
X-Cite 120 LED for observation

Lasers :
405, Argon (458, 488, 514), 561, 633 and Chameleon from 680 to 1080nm

Filter cubes:

Spectral confocal detection method
Detector :
2 PMTs
34 descanned spectral channels
additional GaAsP channel (BiG.2)

Acquisition mode:
multi-photon confocal -Imaging:
XYZ, XZY, lambda, time, multi-position or mosaic
-Automation with vibratome