Lattice Light Sheet

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Brève description :
The Zeiss Lattice Light Sheet Microscope 7 is a light sheet microscope with structured light for 3D imaging of live and fluorescent sample with a maximum of 100µm thickness. The 3D acquisitions are fast and induce less photobleaching and photoxicity thanks to the excitation in single plane.
-excitation equivalent to 13.3X 0.4 NA
-emission equivalent to 44.8X 1.0 NA with a free-form phase lens to correct the thickness of the coverslip
-miniscus lens with water immersion between the emission objective and the coverslip of the sample.

Detector :
1 sCMOS Hamamatsu ORCA Fusion camera
(2048*2048, 6.5µm pixel size)
Mode of acquisitions:
lsequential multi-color light sheet imaging, X-stacks, multi-positions, mosaics, multi-time points.

Controled by the Zen blue 3.7 software.
Processing of images by deconvolution, deskew, cover glass transformation.
Excitation sources:
diode 488nm
diode 561nm
diode 640nm
5 light sheet structured by a SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) with variable lengh x thickness :
15µm x 550nm; 15µm x 650nm; 30µm x 700nm; 30µm x 1000nm; 100µm x 1400nm; 100µm x 1800nm.

Spectral selection:
BP 570-620 + LP 655
BP 495-550 + LP655
Sample Support:
the sample is preparaed as usual for inverted microscope, the sample support has to have a bottom glass 0.17mm thick.
The motorized stage can have specific inserts for 35mm dish, slide and multi-well labtek.

tempretaure from RT to 40°C
CO2 from 0 to 5%


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Technologies associées :
  • Imagerie 3D
  • Imagerie in vivo

  • Brève description :
    Luxendo Light Sheet microscope for 3D live imaging of small organisms (such as embryos). The set-up has 2 illumination arms with 4 laser lines (488, 515, 561 and 642nm) and 2 emission arms with 2 emission objectives (33.3X final magnification).

    Controlled by Luxendo software
    10X Plan FLUOR 0.3NA Water Nikon *2
    20X XLUMPlanFL N 1.0NA Water Olympus *2

    2 sCMOS Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4 V2 cameras
    (2048*2048, 6.5µm pixel size)

    temperature between 10 and 40°C and CO2 control
    Acquisition modes:
    Light sheet imaging in multi-channels mode (widefield or confocal), in multi-Z stacks, in multi-timepoints, in multi-angles with the sample rotation
    Z-piezo stage with 20nm resolution, XY stage with 100nm resolution and sample rotation in 360° angle
    Illumination sources:
    laser 488nm
    laser 515nm
    laser 561nm
    laser 642nm
    Light sheet generated with a digital light scanner

    Spectral selection:
    5 emission filters in a filter wheel
    GFP (488 LP)
    GFP en combinaison (525/50 BP)
    YFP (535/30 BP)
    Cherry (561 LP)
    FarRed (642 LP)
    Sample carriers:
    the sample is prepared in a glass capillary either embedded in a gel or loaded in a well formed in the gel. This capillary is charged in the sample carrier on the stage.
    Each project done on this MuViSPIM needs specific development for the sample preparation