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Brève description :
Epifluorescence Nikon Ti2 inverted microscope for the 2D and 3D videomicroscopies coupled to the multipoint photomanipulation thanks to the DMD module (digitale micromirror device).
Controlled by the NIS Element software
10X Plan Apochromat 0.45NA air
20X Plan Apochromat 0.75NA air
40X Plan Fluor 1.3NA oil
60X Plan Apochromat 1.4NA oil
100X Plan Apochromat 1.4NA oil

1 CMOS back-illuminated Prime95B Photometrics camera
(1200*1200, 11µm pixel size)

control of temperature and CO2

Illumination Sources:
1 Lumencor system with 6 LED and excitation filters for:
DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, Cy3, Cherry, Cy5
1 Luminencor system avec 6 LED and excitation filters for the DMD module:

Emission Filters
DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, Cy3, Cherry, Cy5

Types of acquisition with the DMD module:
-point photoactivation, with pre-defined regions or on the fly in simultaneous multiple points or regions, particularly adapted for the optogenetics experiments.

Definition of the number, size, form of the areas in NIS Elements software.

Compatible sample carriers:
35mm diameter dish with a bottom glass (#1.5), glass slide with a glass coverslip (#1.5) or multi-well plate with a bottom glass (#1.5)