Confocal Zeiss LMS700

Partner lab price : 17.47 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 82.24 €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 2D imaging
  • 3D imaging

  • Brief description:
    Inverted confocal microscope ideal for 3D imaging of fixed samples (slide-coverslip).
    10X EC Plan Neofluar 0.3NA
    20X Plan Apo 0.8NA
    40X Plan Apo oil1.3NA
    63X Plan Apo oil1.4NA
    llumination source for occular widefield visualisation:
    HXP120 lamp
    Cubes for occular widefield visualisation: DAPI, GFP, Cy3

    Excitation sources for confocal mode:
    Diode 405nm
    Diode 488nm
    Diode 555nm
    Diode 639nm
    -2 PMT for fluorescence

    Acquisition mode
    Zeiss Zen software