Spinning disk Nikon Ti Andor CSU-X1

Tariff (public) : 15.66 €/hour
Tariff (private) : -- €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 3D imaging
  • Videomicroscopy
  • Laser ablation

  • Brief description:
    Nikon inverted micorsopce coupled to an Andor spinning disk dedicated to 3D confocal imaging of live samples. This microscope is also equiped with the Andor Micropoint module for the laser nano-ablation.

    Controlled by the Andor iQ3 software
    4X Plan Apo lambda 0.2 NA dry
    10X Plan 0.25 NA dry
    20X Plan Apo lambda 0.75 NA dry
    40X Plan Fluor 1.3 NA oil
    60X Plan Apo lambda 1.4 NA oil
    100X Plan Apo lambda 1.45 NA oil

    1 Andor iXon897 EMCCD camera
    (512*512 pixels, 16µm pixel size)

    Environmental control: temperature and CO2
    Illumination sources:
    1 laser bench for confocal mode:
    405nm (100mW), 488nm (60mW), 561nm (50mW) and 640nm (100mW)

    Spectral configuration:
    3 dichroïcs in the head unit: MONO (488), DUAL (488-561) and QUAD (405-488-561-640)
    6 emission filters in the external wheel:
    DAPI(447/60), GFP(525/30), RFP(607/36), Cy5(685/40), GFP/Cherry(512-23/630-90), DAPI/GFP/Cherry/Cy5 (440-40/521-21/607-34/700-45)
    Type of acquisition:
    multi-dimensional acquisition in bright field or DIC transmission and confocal in fluorescence: XYZ, multi-channels, multi-position, mosaïcs, multi-wells, timelapse
    hardware autofocus
    custom-made protocol thank to Andor iQ3 software

    nano-ablation laser à l'aide d'un laser à colorant (multiple longueur d'onde possible)
    Compatible sample carriers:
    35mm dish with #1.5 glass bottom, glass slide with #1.5 glass coverslip or glass-bottom multi-well plate