Spinning disk OLYMPUS SR

Partner lab price : 17.47 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 82.24 €/hour

Brief description:
Olympus IX83 inverted microscope coupled to Yokogawa W1 spinning disk unit, including a SoRa disk, dedicated to 3D confocal, high resolution imaging of live samples or fixed samples. A FRAP photoactivation module is coupled to the microscope.

Controlled by CellSens software.
10X UPLSAPO 0.40 NA 3.1mm WD air
20X UPLSAPO 0.8 NA 0.6mm WD air
40X UPLXAPO 1.4 NA WD 0.13mm oil
60X UPLXAPO 1.42 NA WD 0.15mm oil
30X UPLSAPO 1.05 NA WD 0.73mm silicon
60X UPLSAPO 1.3 NA WD 0.3mm silicon

camera sCMOS Fusion BT Hamamatsu
(2304*2304 pixels, 6.5µm pixel size, QEmax 95%)

Environmental control: temperature and CO2
Illumination sources:
1 laser bench for confocal mode:
405nm (50mW), 488nm (100mW), 561nm (100mW) and 640nm (100mW)
1 laser bench for FRAP
405nm (50mW), 488nm (100mW)

Spectral configuration:
8 emission filters in the external wheel:
DAPI (447/50), GFP (525/50), GFP narrow (520/10), mCherry (593/40), TexasRed (617/73), Cy5 (685/40), Dual GFP-TexasRed (527-645), QUAD (435-520-595-695)
Type of acquisition:
multi-dimensional acquisition in bright field and confocal in fluorescence: XYZ (Z piezo of range 300μm), multi-channels, multi-position, tile-scans, multi-wells, timelapse
hardware z drift compensation (ZDC2)
Photoactivation FRAP module (405, 488nm laser)

Compatible sample holders:
35mm dish with #1.5 glass bottom, glass slide with #1.5 glass coverslip or glass-bottom multi-well plate