Confocal Leica SP5-SMD

Tariff (public) : 37.04 €/hour
Tariff (private) : -- €/hour

Brief description:
Inverted confocal microscope ideal for 3D imaging of fixed sample (slide-coverslip) or live sample (bottom glass coverslip dish)
Microscope for F-technics (FRAP, photactivation, FCS, FCCS, FLIM)
Fluorescence and DIC images
Multi-dimensional acquisition
10X HCX Plan Fluotar 0.3NA
20X HC Plan Apo IMM 0.7NA
40X HCX Plan Apo CS oil 1.3NA
63X HCX Plan Apo CS oil 1.4NA
63X HCX Plan Apo CORR CS water 1.2 NA (on request)
Illumination source for occular widefield visualisation:
HXP120 lamp
Cubes for occular widefield visualisation: DAPI, GFP, Cy3

Excitation sources for confocal mode:
diode 405 nm
Argon LASER (458, 488, 514nm)
DSSP 561nm
Helium/Neon LASER 633nm
Pulsed diode 470nm
-2 PMT for fluorescence
-1 Hybrid detector (amplification mode or photon counting)
-1 PMT for transmission
-2 APDs (photon counting for GFP or Cherry)

Environment control: temperature and CO2
Acquisition mode:
Leica LAS-AF Software
-multi-modal acquisition: XYZ, XZY, lambda, time, multi-positions ou mosaic
-fast imaging (resonant scanner)
-FRAP module
-Matrix Screener module (automatic plate reader)
-Live Data Mode module (customizable protocol)
PicoQuant Symphotime Software
-FLIM module