Confocal Zeiss LSM980 Airyscan 8Y

Partner lab price : 37.04 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 101.89 €/hour

Brief description:
Inverted confocal microscope for 3D imaging of fixed sample (slide-coverslip) or live sample (bottom glass coverslip dish). Improvment of spatial resolution thank to the Airyscan 2 module and speed of acquisition thank to the AiryScan Multiplex 4Y & 8Y.

Controled by Zen Blue.
5X Plan Neofluar 0.16NA
10X Plan Apo 0.45NA
20X Plan Apo 0.8NA
40X Plan Apo oil 1.3NA
63X Plan Apo oil 1.4NA
Illumination source for ocular widefield visualisation :
Colibri 7
Cubes for ocular widefield visualisation : 3 bandes DAPI/GFP/CY3

Excitation sources for confocal mode :
Diode 405nm
Diode 488nm
Diode 561nm
Diode 639nm
-2 PMT for fluorescence
-1 internal GaAsP detector
-1 PMT for transmission
-1 Airyscan 2 detector

Environment control : no

Environment control: not available
Acquisition mode:
Zeiss Zen Blue Software
-multi-modal acquisition: XYZ, spectral, time, multi-positions & mosaic
-« super-resolution » imaging for fixed samples
-Live and « super-resolution » imaging with the multiplex 4Y & 8Y AiryScan
-AI Sample Finder module
-FRAP module