EasyTom 150

Partner lab price : 37.04 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 101.89 €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 3D imaging

  • Brief description:
    EasyTom 150 multiscale and multiresolution X-Ray microtomograph.

    This device received the financial support of the European FEDER-FSE 2014-2020 Languedoc Roussillon project.
    X-Ray Microtomograph.
    X-ray Source: 40-150kV
    Power: up to 75W
    Sample size: diameter between 1mm and 30 cm of diameter. Height: up to 40cm
    Resolution: up to 5µm
    Ray fish maxillary and mandible
    Sorghum seeds
    Electronic chip
    Gorilla's skull
    Virtual slice at 09µm on a fossil cochlea