ImageJ basics

  • Theoretical and practical training:
    • Image display
      • display, levels, contrast and brightness adjustments, changing palette / LUT
    • Image pre-processing
    • electronic noise management, background noise removal, increasing sharpness -unsharp masking, removing unwanted signals- thresholding and use of masks
    • Free image processing and analysis software ImageJ
  • Colocation
  • Image types and formats
    • resolution, rgb color conversions, 8 bit grayscale, 16 bit grayscale and 32 bit grayscale
      images, tiff files, jpeg files, etc.
  • Image analysis
    • Counting objects
      • e.g. nuclei, focal adhesions, vesicles
    • Measure sizes and distances, measure and compare intensities
    • Detect and classify objects
    • Annotation of images
    • Manipulation of 3D or 2D image stacks
      • build a stack, manipulate stacks, create movies, animations and
        animations and 3D renderings

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