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Tarif établissement public et privé : 101.89 €/heure

Brève description :
Inverted confocal microscope for 3D imaging of fixed sample (slide-coverslip) or live sample (bottom glass coverslip dish). Improvment of spatial resolution thank to the Airyscan 2 module and speed of acquisition thank to the AiryScan Multiplex 4Y & 8Y.
20X Plan Apo 0.8NA
40X Plan Apo huile 1.3NA
63X Plan Apo huile 1.4NA
40X Plan Apo eau 1.1NA
-2 PMT for fluorescence
-1 GaAsP spectral detector 32 chanels
-1 PMT for transmited light
-1 AiryScan2 detector
Illumination source for ocular widefield visualisation :
Colibri 5
Cube for widefield visualisation : 3 bands DAPI/GFP/CY3

Environment control: Temperature, CO2 and humidity

Excitation sources for confocal mode :
Laser diodes 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 515nm, 561nm and 639nm
Acquisition modes:
Zeiss Zen Blue Software
-multi-modal acquisition: XYZ, spectral, time, multi-positions & mosaic
-« super-resolution » imaging for fixed samples
-Live and « super-resolution » imaging with the multiplex 4Y & 8Y AiryScan
-AI Sample Finder module
-FRAP module