Tarif établissement partenaire: 37.04 €/heure
Tarif établissement public et privé : 101.89 €/heure

Brève description :
Inverted confocal microscope for 3D imaging of fixed sample (slide-coverslip) or live sample (bottom glass coverslip dish). Improvment of spatial resolution thank to the Airyscan 2 module and speed of acquisition thank to the AiryScan Multiplex 4Y & 8Y.
20X Plan Apo 0.8NA
40X Plan Apo huile 1.3NA
63X Plan Apo huile 1.4NA
40X Plan Apo eau 1.1NA
-2 PMT for fluorescence
-1 GaAsP spectral detector 32 chanels
-1 PMT for transmited light
-1 AiryScan2 detector
Illumination source for ocular widefield visualisation :
Colibri 5
Cube for widefield visualisation : 3 bands DAPI/GFP/CY3

Environment control: Temperature, CO2 and humidity

Excitation sources for confocal mode :
Laser diodes 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 515nm, 561nm and 639nm
Acquisition modes:
Zeiss Zen Blue Software
-multi-modal acquisition: XYZ, spectral, time, multi-positions & mosaic
-« super-resolution » imaging for fixed samples
-Live and « super-resolution » imaging with the multiplex 4Y & 8Y AiryScan
-AI Sample Finder module
-FRAP module

Leica SP8-UV confocal microscope

Partner lab price : 37.04 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 101.89 €/hour

Brief description:
State-of-the-art fully motorized, LAS software-driven, inverted confocal microscope (+UV) for epifluorescence and transmission imaging.
Fluorescence (355, 405, Argon, 561 and HeNe 633 LASERs) and brightfield/DIC.
Multidimensional acquisitions (X,Y,Z, spectral and time), F-techniques, incubation
10X Plan Apochromat 0.4 NA Imm
20X Plan Apochromat 0.75 NA Imm Corr
40X Plan Apochromat 1.3 NA oil DIC
63X Plan Apochromat 1.4 NA oil DIC
63X Plan Apochromat 1.2W UVIS + water dispenser

2 cooled regular multialkaline PMTs
1 transmission PMT
3 cooled HyDs (GaAsP photocathode) for low noise photon counting imaging.

BSL1 Environment
Illumination light source for widefield observation :
Fibred metal halide arc source for episcopic illumination
100W tungsten bulb for diascopic illumination

Binocular tube, X, Y and Z stage, fluorescence filter set turret, transmission mirror, objective turret

Fluorescence filter sets for widefield observation:
Rhodamine LP
Available acquisition techniques:
Excitation with 355, 405, 458, 476, 488, 514, 561 & 633nm lines.
2/3D mosaic acquisition, spectral separation, timelapse analysis. In-focus repositioning.
Any photoactivation/destruction technique (FRAP, PA, FLIP), ratiometric FRET experiment, UVA induced DNA-damange on sensitized cells.
Screening and on the fly analysis (Matrix screener)

User-defined protocols
Image quality:
Confocal technology allows improved spatial resolution and contrast compared to widefield imaging. Spatial resolution may be further improved using deconvolution algorithms (Huygens).

The HyD design allows better sensitivity and SNR compared to regular PMT and a less noisy photon counting imaging.
The fast resonant scanner decrease excitation-related toxicity.
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