Deltavision OMX

Partner lab price : 37.04 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 101.89 €/hour

Brief description:
Inverted, fully-motorized, softWoRx software-controlled microscope for fluorescence and transmission imaging. This workstations allows either high speed (+TIRF, photomanipulation) or 3D-SIM & 2DPALM/STORM superresolution imaging.
405, 488, 561 & 642nm LASERs and LED for Brightfield/DIC imaging
60x Plan Apochromat 1.3 Sil
100x Plan SuperApochromat 1.4 Oil (DIC)

4 hight quantum efficiency photometrics Evolve 512B EMCCD cameras (512x512, effective pixels size of 132nm with 60x lens & 79nm with 100x lens).

Fully controlled environment including temperature, pH (CO2), oxygen concentration & hygrometry. Objective heater for 60x lens.

BSL1 environment
Available imaging techniques:
The device may be used in two distinct mode
- Highspeed imaging mode: 2 or 3D multiposition along time (up to a simultaneous 4 colors stack of 15 planes/sec). Hardware autofocus. Ratiometric FRET imaging, TIRF, Photomanipulation (FRAP/PA).

- Superresolution mode for a spatial resolution of 120x120x300nm (3D-SIM mode) and 2D PALM/STORM multiposition mode available.
Light sources:
405, 488, 561 (3 colors 3D-SIM) & 642nm LASERs excitation (4 colors highspeed imaging) and white LED (diascopic illumination)

Dichroic for fluorescence imaging:
East camera: 419-465nm
West camera: 500-550nm
North East camera: 581-618nm
North West camera: 664-704nm

Neutral density filters for LASER attenuation:
0.1%, 1%, 10%, 30%, 100%
Sample compatibility :
25mm coverslips (to be mounted in a chamber), 35mm glass-bottom dishes, thin-bottom Labtek chambers

Image quality:
For 3D-SIM imaging, sample preparation best practice should be followed. The coverslip thickness and mounting medium RI should be controlled. Spherical aberrations can be attenuated using different RI immersion oils.
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