Abberior STED superresolution microscope

Partner lab price : -- €/hour
Public and private lab price: -- €/hour
Associated technologies:
  • 2D imaging
  • 3D imaging
  • High resolution

  • Brief description:
    Inverted microscope, fully motorized, controlled by Imspector software (Abberior). This microscope allows super resolution imaging in 2D STED or 3D STED, up to 3 colors.
    Excitation LASERS 405, 485, 561 and 640nm.
    STED LASERS 595nm & 775nm.
    Objectives :
    100X Plan SuperApochromat 1.4 Oil
    100X Plan SuperApochromat 1.35 Sil
    60X Plan Apochromat 1.2 W
    20X Plan Apochromat 0.75

    Detectors :
    4 Avalanche Photo Diodes & spectral detection.

    Autofocus & Z-drift compensation

    RESCue imaging mode in confocal & STED

    L1 environement

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    2D & 3D STED

    Incubation :
    Stage Top Incubator : Fully controlled environment including temperature, pH (CO2) & hygrometry. Objective heater.