Miltenyi Light Sheet Ultramicroscope Blaze

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Tarif établissement public et privé : 55.41 €/heure
Technologies associées :
  • Imagerie 3D

  • Brève description :
    Light sheet microscope for 3D imaging large cleared samples. The device is compatible with all clearing solutions (RI 1.33–1.56). It is controlled by ImSpector software.
    2X MVPLAPO Olympus NA 0,5
    2 dipping cups, working distance 5,7mm or 10mm
    Optic manual zoom 0,63 to 6,3 i.e. total magnification 1.26x-12.6x

    sCMOS camera
    2560 x 2160 pixels, pixels size : 6,5x6,5µm
    Acquisition type
    Multidimensional acquisitions, multi-color, tiles and multipositions
    Illumination sources and spectral selection:
    Double side illumination by light sheets (4-10µm thickness)
    Excitation laser 488 nm, emission filter 525/50
    Excitation laser 561 nm, emission filter 620/60
    Excitation laser 639 nm, emission filter 680/30
    Stainless steel cuvette compatible with all clearing solutions and water
    The sample is glued or screwed on the sample holder. Several samples can be imaged in sequential multiposition mode considering the maximum length of the sample holder is 52 mm.
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