Confocal Zeiss LSM980 NLO

Partner lab price : 37.04 €/hour
Public and private lab price: 101.89 €/hour

Brief description:
Inverted confocal microscope coupled with a multiphoton laser for 3D imaging of fixed sample (slide-coverslip) or live sample (bottom glass coverslip dish) and for F-technics (FRAP, photactivation, FCS, FCCS, FLIM) and SHG detection.

10X EC Plan Neofluar 0.3NA
20X Plan Apo 0.8NA
40X Plan Apo oil 1.3NA
63X Plan Apo oil 1.4NA
40X C-APO water 1.4NA
Illumination source for occular widefield visualisation:
HXP120 lamp
Cubes for occular widefield visualisation: DAPI, GFP, Cy3

Sources d'excitation mode confocal :
Diode 405nm
Diode 488nm
Diode 561nm
Diode 639nm

Multiphoton laser:
Chameleon Ultra-II Coherent LASER (680-1080nm)

-2 PMT fluorescence
-1 multi-PMT (32 détecteurs GaAsP) spectral detectorl
-1 PMT transmission
-1 camera for tilescan preview
-1 detector FLIM (photon counting for FLIM of GFP or Cy3)

Temperature and CO2 control
Acquisition mode:
Zeiss Zen Blue Software
-multi-modal acquisition: XYZ, spectral, time, multi-positions & mosaic
-FRAP module

Software Becker Hickl SPCM et SPC-100
-module FLIM (cart and detector Becker-Hickl)