The facility provides access to proprietary analysis software, open source software and tools developed in house. We also provide access to deep-learning solutions including the training on your own data on our machines.

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Flowing Software

 Flowing Software is a free flow cytometry data analysis software for Windows. The project combines high throughput data analysis with flowing usability. The easy-to-use visual interface ensures an effective data analysis with your personal computer!


2D et 3D image processing and analysis software. Build on plugins, icy also provides the possibility to create ones own analysis protocols using visual programming. Scripts can be written in python and javascript.


ILASTIK is an easy to use, open source, machine learning software. Different machine learning modules for segmentation (pixel classification), object classification and counting are available

Imaris (Bitplane)

3D image reconstruction and 3 and 4D image analysis software. Imaris consists of common modules like the surface rendering and the tracking and of specific modules with a limited number of available licenses like ImarisXT, Filament tracer or Cell. Imaris can interact with FIJI and via the XT module with matlab and python.

  • Available on all workstations of the facility via the floating licence server